Nutritionist Blog

There is no single food that can fight corona-virus or protect you from the disease, but it is very important to have a healthy balanced diet that can absolutely help your immune system function well. We can also boost our immunity by including types of food called antioxidant .
Antioxidants such as Float ,Vitamins A, C.B6 and B2 , and minerals like Zinc can be found in food like (Broccoli,Kale, spinach , blueberries , raspberries and all berries , carrot ,Whole grains ,orange and kiwi and Oats) .
But again we do no not recommend one food as a magical food but the variety of food from the main food groups (carbohydrate protein , fats ,fruit and vegetables) and eating the right amount, eat less salt and sugar and hydrating yourself is essential to maintain well balanced diet that can improve well-being and will lead to the best immunity .